What is a Hypnosis Session Like?

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What to Know About Hypnosis

  • The best individuals for Hypnosis are: strong willed, intelligent, and imaginative.
  • You are in complete control. You will never do anything against your will.
  • You are not asleep. You are deeply relaxed and focused on the Hypnotist's voice. You will have a sense of the environment around you and you can respond to questions from the Hypnotist.
  • During Regression Hypnosis, your subconscious mind brings forgotten awareness to the surface of impressions from past lives.

What is Regression Hypnosis Like?

Your subconscious mind is like a computer and has recorded every thought and experience across this life and across all of your past lives. You will discuss with the Hypnotist what you would like to explore. The Hypnotist will do a conditioning exercise as a mini Hypnosis session to warm you up to perceiving impressions through your mind's eye. Your Chakras will be opened and balanced to heighten your subjective awareness. During Hypnosis, individuals perceive by seeing a picture, feeling, hearing, or knowing. Individuals are able to tell the year they are in, the geographical location, clothes they are wearing, and what they are doing.

During the Hypnosis Regression, the hypnotist will give you instructions to relax each part of the body. Then you will be counted down into deeper relaxation. You will be instructed to go to a past life that you want to explore. Your subconscious will select the lifetime that best aligns with what you would like to explore. The Hypnotist will ask you questions of what you are perceiving in your past life. If you need further clarity you will be able to receive new impressions. After you have explored your past life, you will be able to identify if there are people from your current life that existed in this past life. You will be able to look at the past life you just explored as a karmic overview. In Higher Self you will meet your spirit guide for guidance and understanding of how that past life relates to this life. Then the Hypnotist will count you back up feeling in balance and harmony. You will receive a CD recording of your session.

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