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"I recently went through the process of hypnosis and past life regression with Cyndy.  I have been struggling with weight issues for the last several years and have not had success with weight loss efforts I've made. Going into the hypnosis, I was eager to find out if my weight had been an issue in the past and to try to figure out how to solve that problem now. 

My first regression took me to Catherine, Kansas in the year 1876.  I saw my life in pictures and feelings.  I was laughing and happy.  Very happy. I have never been to Kansas nor have I studied Kansas so imagine my surprise when I googled it the next day and found out that there is a Catherine, Kansas and that it had been founded in 1875.

My next regression found me in London, England and in a total opposite state of mind.  I was unhappy.  I was a domestic who had grown up in a poor household.  I was alone, lonely and miserable.  I wept as I described my life with no hope.  It was here that I began to see the parallel to my life now.  Although I am a happy person, I never feel 'good enough'.  It was the same emotion I experienced in my England regression.
The session has brought some resolution to me.  It has shown me that I've battled these feelings before and it is a cycle that I will try not to repeat.  Through hard work, I hope to come to terms with whatever it is that makes me feel 'less than' and begin to build myself from the inside out to overcome the issue of my weight.  Thanks Cyndy for helping me find these answers."

Dana, Rochester, NY


"I did not have any prior experience with hypnosis, but after meeting a hypnotist at an out of town seminar I was curious about the experience and decided to give it a try. I scheduled a session with Cyndy. Upon my arrival, she explained the process, made me feel at ease and answered all of my questions. In the session, we did a past life regression, which was an intense sensory experience. I saw vivid details of people and places, but what surprised me the most was that I was able to name specific places in foreign countries (including spelling them accurately), as well as provide the dates of specific events. I had never heard of the town before and did not know if it was a real place. In my past life, I recalled the death of a parent, which brought me to tears. This, too, was unexpected, but the feelings of grief were genuine. I felt no ill effects during the session, other than sadness for the loss and there were no lingering effects after the session had ended.

I am an analytical person by nature and in the past had been skeptical about many spiritual things and certainly not a believer in past lives or reincarnation. However, back at home, I researched the town and it turns out that it was, and is, a real place. The dates that I had mentioned during the past life regression session were significant to the evolution of this place from a town into a major industrial center. After doing the research, I was speechless.

I cannot deny that there is a body memory of some type that may transcend what we define as 'lives.' I'm eager to do more research on this idea, starting with books and more hypnosis sessions and see where this takes me. Thank you Cyndy for helping me unlock the door to an amazing place!"

Greg, Rochester, NY

"I had such an amazing experience with Cyndy during my past-life regression. I had never been hypnotized before and went into the session very nervous. Cyndy immediately put me at ease and I felt very calm and excited to begin my session. The hypnosis and regression were not at all what I had initially expected, but ended up providing me with more than I could have hoped for. I was taken into four different past lives -- from 16th century Finland to 20th century Vermont. I was also able to receive messages from an in-between state. All that I experienced has been extremely healing to me. It took some time to process what I had experienced, and it is still a work-in-progress, but I feel like a new and enlightened person.  The knowledge I gained has lessened many of the anxieties and fears that I have been struggling with since childhood. I am already recommending this healing process to many of my friends.  Thank you so much, Cyndy!"
Mel, Penfield, NY

"I recently had a past life regression with Cyndy. The session was very relaxing but I didn't think I was hypnotized and just going along with things. I left hopeful, however, and more than amazed at what I considered to be my vivid imagination and level of creativity. I got home and thought I probably made it all up. During the session, I simply attempted to describe what I was seeing and hearing in my mind's eye.

Upon arriving home, I put in the CD as I could only remember some of the details. I was curious about a German village that I saw myself in, as a young child, and felt the location name that I gave was pretty fanciful and sounded like gobbledygook. I saw the letters of the name of the town floating in front of me and gave the name to Cyndy - Gleiberg. Well to my surprise, there was such a hamlet in Germany. It is so obscure that it is only listed under a subtitle of the current town. It was established in the 1100's outside of a castle and only existed until the 1880's when absorbed by a later town. It is a minor tourist attraction now. A drawn map of the old hamlet shows an old well and roundabout circle in the shopping square that I saw myself in. The well and round about no longer exist. I also found a photograph taken in the late 1800's of part of that little hamlet and low and behold ----the buildings look very much like the odd buildings that I saw in my mind's eye. I've never been to Germany and honestly never even thought about it.

Another rather shocking revelation, which is impossible to verify, is meeting my "spirit guide". I expected, if I saw anything, for it to be rather ethereal and "angel like". Nothing was further from that self inflicted expectation. What I saw was a slightly chubby guy with light colored curly hair dressed in loose tan colored pleated trousers and what appeared to be a plaid neatly pressed and starched shirt. He was very animated and talkative with a DEFINITE personality. When I verbalized that I really didn't know who he was, his response was that he wasn't surprised that I didn't remember him. This being was quite delightful, made me laugh frequently and called himself "Allen". I've never known anyone named Allen.  Another being who presented themselves gave a name I also thought I made up which turned out to be a very obscure name that has not been common in any culture for hundreds of years.

In all, a very enlightening experience. I received some eye opening information from of all people - myself!"

Mary, Rochester, NY

"During my work with you, and your highly professional and affirming approach, I was able to go towards the painful issues underlying the panic attacks with an open curiosity instead of fear. Going towards the issues during Reiki and Regression Hypnosis, and connecting with my higher self and God's love, I was able to begin unraveling the love that wanted to shine through me, instead of continuing to offer myself anxiety and pain. You followed up after all sessions, and really know how to support your clients exactly where they're at."
Nanci, Rochester, NY

"My experience with past-life regression has been absolutely amazing. I've had two past life regression hypnosis sessions with Cyndy so far. I'd wanted to try it out for quite some time, and then one day, I felt very strongly led to undergo a regression to uncover the cause of some very serious circumstances that had developed in my life with three individuals who entered into my life right around the same time, and all had connections to each other. I had been unable to get the assistance I needed to overcome the harm from those relationships, despite trying very hard for over a year.

During my regression, I uncovered a very old karmic relationship with those people and found that I needed to forgive myself for things I had done to protect myself from them a very long time ago. Once I knew the problem and was easily able to forgive myself, I'd released that karma. Within days, literally days, I unexpectedly received help from a source and was able to move forward. Previously, I'd exhausted every known avenue of help.

Interestingly, one of my sisters, who was a family member in that lifetime as well, experienced an extreme anxiety response during the hours of my regression (not even knowing I was having one), and a week later, experienced a spontaneous remembrance of one of her own past lives. The most interesting aspect of all came from my other sister, who was very uncomfortable when I described my death in that particular lifetime. It turns out that she had dreamed about that death scene many times throughout her life, and had never understood why or what it meant.

This was a valuable experience in many ways, too many ways to fit into one little testimonial, but I highly recommend past-life regression work with Cyndy. She's well-trained and very skilled."

                                                                                      Natalie, Spencerport, NY


"I can't thank you enough! I feel so much better now! When I came in I could not talk about a family situation without crying and wanted to know if there was anything I could do to help. I found that this is a lesson for them to learn to forgive. I can not help. It is their lesson. Finally I was able to step back and: LET GO AND LET GROW.

I went through many lifetimes! And found myself always helping people! There was also a feeling that I was in a profession in a past life and it was one that I didn't like. I worried that I was bad to people. Now I found out what I did was something really great but it was very stressful, overwhelming, and extremely sad. I found I did do some extremely wonderful things. Now I find myself peaceful so I can build my business. Which is doing well!

Cyndy will make you very comfortable and you will be more than pleased with your results!

Helen, Hilton, NY


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