Reiki for Animals

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Our animal companions are very in tune to Reiki. 
Some animals sniff the air or sniff the Practitioner's hands 
when the session begins. 
During a session, an animal may even 
position themselves
to where they want Reiki directed.

Reik for Animals is Beneficial for:
  • Anxiety
  • Past trauma (rescue animals, accidents)
  • Physical ailments
  • Pre and post surgery for anxiety and reduce recovery time
  • Comfort for aging animals nearing their transition
Reiki is a complement to veterinary medical care and other therapies. Reiki is NOT a substitute for veterinary consultation.

Note: Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose conditions nor do they prescribe or perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, nor interfere with the treatment of a veterinary professional. It is recommended that you take your animal companion to a veterinary for any physical symptons.


What is a Reiki Session Like for an Animal?

The Reiki Practitioner will sit on the floor and setup a Reiki zone for your animal companion to move in and out of as he/she experiences Reiki for the first time. Most animals will sniff the air when Reiki energy begins to flow or sniff the hands of the Practitioner. It is always the choice of your animal companion whether he/she wishes to receive Reiki energy or not.

It may take a while for an animal to settle in to their first Reiki session. An animal may back away or come forward toward the Practitioner from time to time. Or simply he/she will settle in right away for a nice nap. Some animals will keep a distance from the Practitioner, while other animals will allow hands-on to the area they wanted treated. Either way Reiki is still effective and is flowing to your animal companion.

When your animal companion gets up and becomes interested in something else and does not return to the Practitioner to settle down again, you know the session is over and your animal companion has taken as much Reiki energy as he/she wants at this time.

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