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Q: What is the life force energy in my body?

A: Our life force energy (known as Ki) flows through our chakras and meridians, and also in a field of energy around us known as our aura. Our chakras (the 7 energy centers) are transformers of subtle energy. The chakras transform our energy into the various frequencies our subtle energy system needs to keep us healthy. Negative feelings or thoughts can become lodged in the chakras reducing the amount of subtle energy they are able to provide. The meridians are pathways that subtle energy flows through within the physical body leading down to your hands and your feet. The meridians contain key energy points that acupuncturists use in their treatments. Our aura is composed of many layers starting with an inner layer closest to your body and ending about 4-5 feet from your body. Have you ever experienced when someone is "in your space" and you feel uncomfortable that they are too close to you?  They are in your aura. Your aura is created by all your thoughts and feelings, both conscious and subconscious as well as the energies flowing through the physical body.

Ki is responsive to our thoughts and feelings. When we have positive optimistic thoughts, we increase our flow of Ki and this causes us to feel better. When we have negative thoughts, our Ki is disrupted and diminished, and we do not feel as good. When these negative thoughts become lodged in the subconscious mind, they create a permanent disruption of Ki. It is the disruption in the flow of Ki that is the main cause of illness and dis-ease.

The free and balanced flow of Ki is the cause of health. It is Ki that animates the physical organs and tissues as it flows through them. Ki nourishes the organs and cells of the body, supporting them in their vital functions and strengthens your immune system.

Q: What are the 7 energy centers in my body?

A: There are seven main energy centers in our body called Chakras (pronounced "cha-craws"). The chakras are transformers of subtle energy. They transform our energy into the various frequencies our subtle energy system needs to keep us healthy. When we are at our best, our energy centers are free flowing within and amongst each other. When they are not free flowing, or blocked, we feel out of balance, stressed, and illness can prevail. Reiki returns the natural flow of our energy centers and goes to where it is needed most in our body. Each of the chakras represent an aspect of ourselves such as: Connection with Spirit, Intuitiveness, Communication, Love, Self Empowerment, Creation, Security.

Q: Do I have to believe in Reiki in order to benefit from a Reiki session?

A: No, you do not have to believe in Reiki in order to benefit from a Reiki session. Just like a young child or a pet does not understand what Reiki is, but will still benefit from the Reiki session. However, if you are receptive to the flow of Reiki energy in your body, the session will have greater benefits.

Q: What does Reiki treat?

A: Reiki treats your mind, body, and spirit. Reiki treats from the inside out and works on root cause. Sometimes physical ailments are rooted in emotional issues. Reiki can help when you feel emotionally out of balance, stress, stress related physical ailments, self-esteem, relationships, communication, clarity of thought, help reduce or eliminate side affects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy, pre and post surgery to increase healing and recovery, and so on.

Q: What is a Reiki session like?

A: The Reiki Practitioner will ask you what you would like to focus on in the Reiki session. During the Reiki session you are fully clothed laying on a massage table. The Practitioner will lightly lay their hands on your head, shoulders, stomach, arms, legs, and feet (or you may prefer to not have touch). All clients feel relaxed. Some clients feel warmth in specific areas or tingling. After your Reiki session, remember to drink plenty of water to wash away the toxins released during the session. Let your body do whatever it needs to do. Allow yourself quiet time or return to your life's activities with a sense of wellness.

Q: How many treatments do I need?

A: That all depends on what you are coming to Reiki for. If you have intense stress/anxiety or physical pain, you will want to receive treatments one a week for a few weeks. If you are working through emotional or physical symptoms that are not acute, you will can receive treatments every 2 weeks. Regular sessions are accumulative. It is recommended as a new client that you receive a minimum of 3-4 Reiki sessions either once a week or every 2 weeks based on your condition. After your initial sessions, you and the Practitioner will access where you are. You can continue on a 2 week plan for healing the layers of self or transition to a monthly plan for maintaining balance and what life brings up. 

Q: What can Reiki do for individuals with Cancer?

A: When we are faced with many life challenges and have stress or anxiety, the effectiveness of medical treatments can be inhibited. When you are relaxed, your spirit, mind, and body can work in harmony within itself and medical treatments. The free flow of our life force energy nourishes organs and cells to support their vital functions. Reiki helps reduce or eliminate the side effects of chemotheraphy and radiation therapy. Many clients report how calm they feel as they move through their cancer journey.

Q: How is Reiki used for individuals in Hospice Care?

A: Reiki can provide relaxation, reduced anxiety, and a sense of peacefulness to help in the person’s transition. Reiki is also beneficial for caregivers during this stressful time and provides a peaceful bonding with the individual in hospice care.

Q: Reiki is for Animals too?

A: Animals experience anxiety, past trauma – just as we do. They also need comfort as they age and near their transition. (Refer to Reiki for Animals for more information.)

Q: Is Reiki a Religion?

A: The word Reiki is two Japanese words: Rei which is "The Higher Power" or "God's Wisdom", and Ki which is "life force energy". Reiki is spiritual in nature (we are spiritual beings). Reiki is NOT a religion. There is nothing you must believe in order to practice or receive Reiki. Reiki is not dependent on belief and will work whether you believe in it or not. Reiki is in Hospitals across the US and globally.

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