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What is a Reiki Session Like?


The Reiki Practitioner will ask you what you would like to focus on during the Reiki session. You are fully clothed on a massage table. A pendulum will be used to read the flow of each of your seven energy centers (chakras). The Practitioner will lightly lay their hands on or above your body. Typical positions of the Practitioner's hands are on your: head, shoulders, stomach, arms, legs, and feet (or you may prefer not to have touch). If you are not comfortable with touch, please notify the Practitioner to adjust the treatment. Your energy field (aura) will also be treated with Reiki.

All clients feel deep relaxation. Clients may feel warmth in specific areas, tingling, sensations of releasing, see colors, or experience lightness.  After your Reiki session, drink plenty of water to wash away toxins released during the session. Let your body do whatever it needs - allow yourself quiet time or return to your life's activities with a sense of wellness and increased energy.

Sessions are typically scheduled once a week or every 2 weeks. Each session is accumulative in maintaining the free flow of your energy centers. Healing is in layers occurring over time. No two sessions are alike. Various vibrational techniques are added to sessions such as: crystals, aura clearing, and healing attunements.

Refer to client testimonials of what Reiki therapy is like for them.

Note: Reiki therapy is "not" psychotherapy consultant.


To Schedule Your Appointment

Call (585) 313-3454 or Email

All calls will be returned that day/evening or within 24 hours. Emails will be replied to within 24-48 hours.

Cancellation Policy
Your 70 Minute appointment time is reserved exclusively for you, so please be respectful of our time we have scheduled. If you need to reschedule your appointment, please provide a minimum of 2 Business Days notice to avoid being charged a reschedule/cancel fee.


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