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"After the first session, I felt lighter and stronger inside and out (like I had gotten both a massage and counseling). The effect lasted for over a week. I have had two sessions since, each one is different. I am looking forward to several more visits."
S.E., Rochester, NY

"When I arrived at the Center for Reiki Wellness, the right side of my neck was so tight and painful that I could barely turn to look out the passenger window in my car. After Cyndy purged me of my negative energy (which is an unbelievable experience in itself), I got off the table feeling light, renewed, 70% pain free, and able to turn my neck almost completely to the right - unbelievable! I left feeling like a new woman, not only was my pain reduced immediately, the results lasted through the evening. I had more energy at 10:00pm that evening than I do when I wake up. To top it off, I awoke the next morning COMPLETELY pain free on the right side of my neck. Thank you Cyndy -- your passion and commitment to your amazing gift shines through in the results you deliver. My husband is next!"
R.C., Webster, NY

"I had been having a difficult time following the deaths of my parents, even many years later and had struggled with anxiety and depression as well for even longer. A friend suggested I call Cyndy as she had been helped very much following the death of her mother. I was able to get an appointment right away for the first of three sessions of Reiki therapy. When I met her, it felt as if I had known her for a long time and she is warm, gentle and down to earth. Even after the first session, I feel I released a lot of what was blocking me from being able to move on from the grief and pain. The subsequent sessions only built upon my "letting go" and moving forward - even in other areas that I had problems with.

Release of the depression, anxiety and feelings of abandonment give me a feeling that I've been given a gift of freedom. Even my career, which is stressful, doesn't bother me as much. I can now, when grief or anxiety try to creep back in, able to gently push those feelings aside without guilt and I can acknowledge my power over painful events. I told Cyndy I have even caught myself humming to myself, which hasn't happened in quite some time! I feel lighter and less likely to let things and others annoy me, more the way I was before life got in the way!  I greatly recommend Cyndy for Reiki and I will be seeing her again in the near future for Reiki follow ups and/or some of the other of the services she offers."

Anne, Rochester, NY

"I have been having sleepless nights for many months, waking at 2:00am to obsess over the stress of my day...finally falling into a fitful doze. In the morning my fists would sometimes be clenched so tightly that the imprint of my nails were left on the palms of my hands. Always interested in eastern arts and alternative therapy, I was curious about Reiki and decided to give it a try. The day of my first session I was a little apprehensive, but that went away quickly when I began lying on the Reiki table, listening to soft music, and enjoying the novelty of an hour where I gave myself 'permission' to release my thoughts and do nothing. When the session ended, I felt amost buoyant. I wondered if I would get light headed and have trouble driving home, but no, I was alert and very contented. The peaceful feeling lasted for four or five days after the session, and I immediately began to sleep better.

My second session, two weeks later, was a different experience entirely. I'd been under a great deal of stress at work and had a bad week of pre-menopausal symptoms. I was not able to 'let go' enough to reach the same state of calmness as before, but that was all right. Whereas the energy flow in the first session seemed directed towards the physical side of my stress, my second session was somehow more psychological and spiritual. Cyndy was very attuned to my feelings and spent a good amount of time debriefing this session. We talked about not shouldering responsibility for burdens that were not mine to carry, leaving work stresses behind at the end of the day, and even ways to make my work space more engaging.

The third and final session was wonderful. I relaxed right away. The warmth from Cyndy's hands (even though they were not directly touching me) felt like the sun. I imagined myself lying on a tropical beach with sapphire waters and beautiful birds in the trees. The birds sang and flashed their bright plumage -- red, yellow, orange, green -- the colors of the chakras.

That was seven weeks ago and I'm still experiencing the benefits. My sleep patterns have improved. I am more dedicated to my daily yoga routine and better able to cope with the unexpected at work. Friends and family have commented that I seem more relaxed.  I feel more content and creative** too and want to keep nurturing this change in me."

**From my Reiki journal, a poem I patterned after a Japanese tanka:

morning after
the reiki session
how to hold this peacefulness?

fragile white violets
gleam in the sunlight

N.C., Brighton, NY

"Prior to my session I was on the edge of going into another depression. In the days after my session, the peacefulness stayed with me for a week and I walked away with a strengthened sense of myself."
L.W., Pittsford, NY

"I just wanted to Thank-You for enlightening me to a great experience. Reiki was my answer to shedding an old skin and growing a new.  Being sexually abused as a child has hindered me in many ways. I felt embarrassed and humiliated. Many times I became withdrawn. Many times I felt tense and on the edge.
Reiki has given me the understanding and confidence to face my abuse and move on with my beautiful life. The relaxation techniques has provided me with tools to sleep peacefully. I listen to Hemi-Sync's Deep 10 Relaxation CD which has helped me calm down from a hectic day to a peaceful night. My family and friends have told me I look more relax and younger!"
E.M., Rochester, NY

Approximately two years ago Cyndy Paxton came to a women's church group of which I am a member. Cyndy explained what Reiki wellness is and how it can be of benefit.  As a medical professional who normally deals in illness, I was intrigued in how this wellness modality could help in my own wellness. And thus I have been giving myself a "treat" monthly by enjoying this wellness treatment.
Recently, I had an urinary tract infection that was quite a painful experience. Besides antibiotics I also visited Cyndy for a normal Reiki visit. While there we found that my energy fields were almost all completely blocked which was intensifying my discomfort. After the Reiki treatment my fields were opened. That evening I found that most of the discomfort had gone away. The next morning some of the pain returned which I attributed to fear of an oncoming medical test. During the test the physician and I talked about the results, which were good, and how I had been for a Reiki treatment the day before. The physician told me to keep doing Reiki because my energy fields must remain unblocked for healing to occur. I was quite surprised by this as many medical professionals scoff at such modalities. Needless to say, I will continue to enjoy this way of helping me stay well.
I have learned certain methods of reducing my stress levels through Reiki that are helping me stay well.  Thank you, Cyndy."
 D.M., Churchville, NY

"I served as a Police Officer for ten years in a large city in Virginia. While serving I was involved in three police officer involved shootings. Due to these incidents as well as all the other day-to-day trauma and violence I saw I was diagnosed with PTSD. Family, friends and counselors helped me greatly with getting me back on track. My symptoms ranged from insomnia, night sweats, night terrors, anxiety, loud noises would put me on edge, and being constantly on guard. Over time friends, family and doctors helped me and the symptoms lessened. However I never felt fully back to "Normal" and I wanted that last little bit of me back. 

I knew several people who tried Reiki treatments successfully. When I set my appointment up I had no idea what to expect. After my first meeting my insomnia, night sweats, night terrors and loud noise anxiety all disappeared. I thought it was a fluke and wouldn't last. I attended 3 sessions total just to make sure. Two months later I have no symptoms of my PTSD. First time in years I can get a good nights sleep. Reiki changed my life and I will always be grateful for Cyndy coming into my life."
Matt, Rochester, NY

"I really enjoyed the sessions I had. In my stressful life it was wonderful to have an hour or so of such relaxation that lasted for several days after. Also, you are such a nice person it is a pleasure just to be around you!"
R.J., Rochester, NY

"Coming to the Center for Reiki Wellness is always something I look forward to. No matter how rushed or distracted I might have been when I arrived at the Center, Cyndy was able to slow me down and help me focus on what I was looking to gain from the session. Her questions always indicated how closely she had listened to my concerns and when she had continued to address those concerns in the intervening times between our sessions.

The sessions themselves were relaxing to the point that I occasionally fell asleep. I always left feeling lighter and with a new soul quiet. Over the course of the sessions that I've had in the last few months, I needed to make a decision that had been hanging over my head for a year. All that time I had been waiting for God to reveal His will for my life. Slowly the difficult decision that I needed to make was revealed to me. This decision was based on scripture study, prayer, worship, and discussions with many faithful Christian friends. I believe that the Reiki sessions enabled me to be an open receptacle to the discovery of God's plan for me."
C.M., Chili, NY

"My diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis occurred over 10 years ago. The type of MS I have is characterized as relapsing/remitting. My symptoms range from nerve pain, severe numbness and tingling in my whole body, cognitive issues, and extreme fatigue. Also along with these symptoms I experience depression and anxiety.

I heard of Reiki in my search for alternative remedies. I had an introductory session of 'chair Reiki' and was impressed by some immediate relief of pain in my arms and hands. I found the Center for Reiki Wellness through a search on the internet and decided to try some full Reiki sessions.

I find these sessions to be relaxing and helpful with many of my symptoms, particularly pain and tingling/numbness. I have also felt relief from my severe fatigue. Reiki I believe allows your body to relax and allows your natural connectiveness to the Universal Energy more opportunity to heal itself naturally.

My primary care physician was very supportive when I told her about Reiki. Since Reiki is about energy within the body and neurological problems, like MS, have a large component related to our bodies' energy field, she felt it was a good fit.

Cyndy Paxton is a very compassionate and expert Reiki practitioner and I highly recommend her practice to anyone with similar symptoms as related to MS."

D.L., Honeoye Falls, NY

"I have lived my entire life with back pain. I was born with Scoliosis, and until age 11, the curve in my spine was severe. It did straighten itself out enough that my doctor felt surgery was not an option, but there wasn't anything else he could do to relieve my pain. I suffered with the discomfort and pain, which only seemed to worsen as I got older. All that has now changed.
I came to Cyndy because I had been experiencing an extreme lack of focus, and I needed to de-stress. I left her office feeling remarkably relaxed and somehow, lighter. It was a pleasant experience and I was looking forward to the next session. I hadn't even thought that healing my back pain would be possible. However, upon waking the next morning, my back pain was gone. 35 years of annoying aches and twinges and stiffness: Gone.
That was two months ago, and I am still free of my once every day pain. Since my first visit, I have also been relieved of my frequent headaches, and I have made amazing strides in clearing the fog from my mind. I am getting far more accomplished these days.
Cyndy has been wonderfully compassionate, and a marvelous cheerleader throughout this process. I highly recommend giving Reiki, and Cyndy, a try."

S.W., Greece, NY

"When I started to go to Cyndy, my husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly a year without any success. Because of my age, - I'm 43 - we knew that many forms of fertility were not available to us. I had been using home ovulation tests and could never get a positive reading. As near as I could figure out, I wasn't ovulating. My husband and I decided that if I wasn't pregnant by this July, then we would count our blessings for having our two year old son and be done with it.

My first appointment with Cyndy was in May. I wasn't giving her much time to do her job! We discussed at length my history of trying to conceive and my cycle and then had my first Reiki treatment. It was the most relaxing experience I have had. I felt so calm!

I had my third treatment in mid-June. Each time the experience became more and more relaxing. I didn't want them to end!  And then much to my surprise, I got a positive reading on my ovulation test!  On July 11th I took a home pregnancy test and THAT came back positive too!  I was finally pregnant!  And I only had three Reiki treatments!

So after months and months of trying without success, the only thing that we changed in the process was adding Reiki treatments and we found success almost immediately!  I'm looking forward to continuing my treatments throughout my pregnancy, and after to maintain this wonderful calm and peacefulness I now have in my life.  Cyndy is the best!  I would recommend her to anyone!"

P.K., Spencerport, NY

"I enjoyed my sessions with Cyndy. She gave me the ability to protect my spirit when I am massaging so many people each day. I felt calmer and more peaceful after each session. She allowed me to see an aspect of me that I never thought existed. Cyndy has a warm and welcoming glow about her. I would recommend for ANYONE and EVERYONE to try Reiki, especially with Cyndy. You will never regret it. It is an experience of a lifetime."

Dottie Wind, Licensed Massage Therapist, Greece, NY 

"I wanted to thank you for spending so much time with me during my Reiki session. You will be happy to know my shoulder is doing well and is back to normal without even using the memory foam pad my doctor recommended for my bed (we couldn't get used to it)."
D.O., Livonia, NY

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