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Currently on Sabbatical as of 2020  (585) 313-3454

Cyndy Paxton, Reiki Master & Teacher
is the Founder of
the American Academy of Reiki Training at Center for Reiki Wellness & Hypnosis located in upstate Rochester, New York.

CRW&H is dedicated to delivering excellence in Reiki Training Certification
serving students from all backgrounds and interests of Reiki. 
Master Teacher Cyndy Paxton, RMT CH provides sound teaching practices, attention to detail in class lecture and course materials, patience, laughter and practical learning experiences through her 11 years of private practice. Cyndy's 10 years of teaching Reiki Certificate Level I, Level II, and Master Level III students have commended her for her knowledge and patience. She keeps class size limited to 4 students to support class bonding, individual healing, and experiential learning.

Cyndy enjoys being a part of each student's Reiki journey. Allowing her students to learn from themselves, other students, and of the utmost to learn from the Reiki engery itself.

Cyndy has over 30 years experience in supporting adult learning. Teaching Reiki is her passion next to working one-on-one in client healing sessions.


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