Reiki Training FAQs

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Reiki Training Certification is for you if you are:

  • Interested in learning Reiki to treat yourself, family/friends, or pets.
  • Suffer from a chronic medical condition and want to be able to receive Reiki more often or you are a caregiver for a family member.
  • Interested in incorporating elements of Reiki in your profession as a counselor, medical professional, or volunteer.
Cyndy Paxton, RMT
Reiki Master & Teacher

No previous background nor skills are needed in order to learn Reiki. Our youngest student (so far) is 11 years old and the oldest student is 88 years old! All classes are held on a weekend. Reiki classes are limited to 6 students for individualized attention and maximum experience.


Q: Can anyone learn Reiki?
Yes, anyone can learn Reiki.
I have mothers, fathers, grandmothers, secretaries, managers, nurses, doctors, individuals with chronic medical conditions, and family caregivers that learn Reiki. Through the attunement, the Reiki Master passes on to the student the ability for Reiki energy to flow from the student's hands. Therefore, the ability to practice Reiki is NOT dependent on the student's education nor skills. It is through the classroom discussion and practice sessions that you learn various techniques and hand positions. Reiki energy is self-guided and goes to where it is needed most in the person's body.

Q: When would I use Reiki?
A: You can use Reiki in your every day living! First of all, treat yourself for your own self-care and wellness. Treat your children/grandchildren that are having problems sleeping/nightmares, low self-esteem, and so on. Treat other family members, friends, and even your pets. As little as 5-10 minutes of Reiki can be beneficial for a co-worker that is stressed or has a headache. I am sure you know of someone with anxiety, chronic conditions, going in for surgery, or under going cancer treatments that you could give a few minutes of Reiki to in a chair or laying on a couch. Reiki can be done any where and for any amount of time. We all show acts of kindness by sending a card, listening to a friend that is going through rough times, or cooking a meal for someone. Now you can add the beautiful gift of Reiki to your offering. If you are a medical provider, you can use Reiki for self-care to avoid burnout, cleanse negative energy out of a room after each client/patient, put healing energy into a room,
and even carry on a conversation while Reiki energy is flowing to the recipient.

Q: How many levels of training are there for Reiki?
A: T
here are 3 levels of Reiki certification. Reiki Level I Practitioners can give themselves Reiki treatments and treat others. Reiki Level II Practitioners have extra tools they can use to increase the energy that flows from their hands, send energy that helps with emotional/mental healing, and the ability to send Reiki distantly (for example, across the room or across the world). Reiki Level III Practitioners receive the higher Master energies, work with crystal grids, and other techniques. Reiki Level III Practitioners have the ability to pass Reiki onto students (teach).  Someone could be a Reiki Master, but not necessarily teach because it is not in their interest to teach. So how far do you go with Reiki?  You may take Reiki I & II and never go any further. Months or years down the road you may feel guided to take Reiki III. You can take Reiki as far as you are interested in and you do not have to have a path in mind -- let Reiki guide you!


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