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Master Instructor:  Cyndy Paxton, Reiki Master/Teacher


"I has been only one week after my Reiki I & II Training and the Reiki I am giving my family is going great! My older son (age 17) struggles with anxiety and sleeplessness at times. I did some Reiki on him one night before bed and he said he felt great and slept well. A few days ago, I did some Reiki on my younger son (age 15). He was skeptical, but let me do it anyway. He told me while I had my hands by his crown and forehead, he felt a pulling and pushing on his head even though I wasn't touching him.

Thanks again SO much!  You are an amazing facilitator.  I definitely had a healing while in class and it has made a positive change in my life already. You're REALLY great at what you do!"

B.T., Victor, NY


"I want to thank you once again for being such a wonderful teacher. I so enjoyed our classes last weekend. You made it so interesting. I woke Monday morning and wished that our lessons could continue that day. I didn't want to stop learning! I know that what you have taught me will be imbedded in my mind, my heart, and my soul forever. I now feel more power inside to be able to help others. My life dream. You truly are a gift, and were put on this earth for a special reason."
D.A., Webster, NY

" I gave my 7 year old daughter a 15 minute Reiki treatment after taking Cyndy's Level I Class. I asked "What was that like for you?" My daughter replied "Mommy it felt like you were God."  Well of course I am not God, but this was her interpretation of the energy flowing through her body. For the next few days my daughter completed all of her chores and daily activities without me asking, her spirits and energy were high and delightful. What a great experience Reiki was for the both of us. Reiki has helped me to sleep better at night giving me more energy throughout the day. The Reiki energy is also a gift in which I can use to bring healing, light, and positive energy into the lives of my loved ones and my clients. I am looking forward to my upcoming Level II Class."

Khadijah Tillman, LMSW, Rochester, NY

"Cyndy is clearly passionate about her work and practice. Classes where well organized and included plenty of hands-on training. I felt so full of positive energy each day and for days afterward."
L.M., Livonia, NY

"I came to the Center to learn Reiki. In the process I became a practitioner, but also adopted some valuable life skills. Your genuine love for helping others shows how Reiki can be a tool to achieve personal and professional goals."
A.M., Rochester, NY

"I went to visit a friend to say goodbye. He was on a respirator and the doctors thought he couldn't fight the infection any longer
because the antibiotics were no longer working and there was nothing else that could be done for him. He was terminal. When I got there, I touched his hand and realized he had a high fever. I had just completed my Reiki I & II classes so I performed Reiki without even thinking about it. He was tied to the bed because he had been pulling on the tubes. I could only reach one hand so I held his hand and laid my other hand on top of the same hand. I gave him Reiki for only about 5 minutes because we were interrupted by a family member. His family member and I chatted for a short time but before I left, I realized his fever broke. He also woke up before I left and was more alert than he had been when his family had visited during the past week.

I went to visit him 4 or 5 days later and his room was empty. After asking around, I was told he had unexpectedly recovered and been moved to another floor. When I got there, I was told they were planning his discharge. It was the Reiki that helped!
He recovered after that and is still alive!
S.Q. Brockport, NY

"Cyndy really opened up a new area of practice and possibility to me. She is professional, knowledgeable, and so willing to share her energy and practice. I am so thankful I have had the opportunity to treat and train with her."
G.B., Attorney in Rochester, NY

"Cyndy is a phenomenal teacher. Her thorough style really makes you feel as if you're ready to give Reiki to everyone!"
G.E., Greece, NY

"I'm very happy I took this class with Cyndy. It has been very beneficial to me. Cyndy has a lot of knowledge and experience using Reiki in all areas of her life."
K.A., Rochester, NY

"I absolutely LOVED this training! I felt healing occur in me personally and those in the class. Such an awesome experience to witness myself and everyone open themselves up to healing, enlightenment, and the universal love of Reiki."
B.N., Syracuse, NY

"Reiki Level I & Level II are both awesome classes to give yourself an opportunity to use life force energy as a healing tool. Together with your client, a whole new world of healing can take place. Cyndy Paxton is an excellent Reiki Master/Teacher. You will not be disappointed if you take these classes."
L.G., Greece, NY
Registered Nurse

"This has been one of the best learning environments and subjects I have been in."
M.B., Lake Placid, NY
Personal Trainer

"I feel I learned a lot from this course and was surprised at how much of the energy I could sense. The environment was informative and nurturing of learning the skills and sharing."
K.D., Rochester, NY
Family Therapist

"As a hospital Social Worker in the intensive care unit, I am often present when a patient is removed from artificial life-sustaining supports, takes their final breath, and passes on. I am there to support the patient, to support the family, to support the staff members who have been tenderly providing care, to support the doctors who have been struggling to save that very patient’s life. To be present during these moments, hours, days, is both an honor and a challenge; the dying process can be a difficult struggle – physically, emotionally – for both the patient and their loved ones.

A year and a half ago I chose to follow the path of a Reiki Level II Practitioner. To welcome Reiki into my life was all-encompassing; it was natural to integrate Reiki into my professional role as a Social Worker, especially when supporting a patient and family through the dying process. Since I have begun sharing Reiki throughout my role in the hospital, I have noticed a lower level of fear and anxiety, and a greater level of calm, in many of my patients and their families. In particular, when supporting patients and families at end-of-life, I have noticed a wonderful sense of increased peacefulness, healing, and acceptance. The dying process seems to be less of a struggle, their loved ones more often share that they feel accepting and at peace, and the ICU care team seems to be more comfortable with the shift in their role from aggressive treatment to comfort measures and support. To be present at the end of someone’s life is a gift; I am continually humbled by the opportunity to share the healing and peace of Reiki with patients and families in those final moments together."

M. S., Rochester, NY
Hospital Social Worker

"When one of my friends told me that she was getting Reiki treatments for her Lupus, I had no clue what it was. Before she started the treatments, she was so exhausted her husband had to help her dress and undress. Shortly after the treatments started, she regained her energy and was quickly back to her normal activities. Reiki is doing for her what the medications could not.  It gave her her life back.

Shortly afterward, Cyndy was giving Reiki demos at a scrapbooking event so I decided to check it out. Even with a large room full of chatting women, I felt very calm and relaxed. Afterward, Cyndy and I spoke at length about Reiki. My husband suffers from Fibromyalgia in addition to unbearable pain from a career ending back injury. If there was a way I could help him by relieving some of the pain, I was all for it. When she told me more about the treatments and said anyone can learn it, I listened intently. When she told me I could use it with my 4 cats, I was sold!

At the time, my job was causing stress-related headaches and I was constantly exhausted. I knew I needed to make changes to relieve stress in my life and I wanted to get back to enjoying my life more. Changing jobs was out of the question and I needed to find a way to handle the stress, not run away from it. My husband and I each went for treatments with Cyndy and for the next few days we experienced unbelievable relaxation and increased energy. I knew right then I needed to become a Reiki Practitioner.

That was almost a year ago. Since then I have completed my Reiki I, II and Advanced Reiki training. Besides helping my husband, my cats, and a friend here and there, I have greatly improved my own well being. I am calmer and more focused. I have more energy than if I did an exercise program and the energy lasts throughout the day. When faced with a stressful situation, I am able to handle it with serenity instead of the quick emotional reaction I use to have.  Each day I do a morning Reiki meditations and often one or more of my cats joins me. My 16-year old cat, who suffers from a life-long heart condition, is my usual partner. She knows the word “Reiki” and is an eager participant. She often “tells” me where she wants the treatment by moving into my hands. It was a special moment when she just sat still and laid her head in my hand, totally relaxed with Reiki.

Cyndy is an excellent Reiki Master with her gentle voice and sense of humor. You can tell she totally enjoys helping others. She is constantly expanding her own training and is eager to share it with her students. I am looking forward to my upcoming Master Reiki training with her with excitement and anticipation. Thank you, Cyndy, for helping me on my light working journey."

V.F., Clarendon, NY


"I originally wanted to learn Reiki because my oldest daughter, who is now 19, has suffered from Fibromyalgia and its many effects since she was 9 years old. I hoped that Reiki could be a way to help her feel better without the use of medicines that weren't working anyway. Reiki has become much more than just that for me.

I decided to take Reiki I & II Training and see what it was all about. Cyndy was a wonderful teacher and I met some wonderful new friends through our class. I began doing Reiki for the family, with some great results. I decided to take the other classes to become a Reiki Master. During one class, I looked out the window and a deer had walked up very close to where we were practicing and then peacefully walked away. Then, during our Master Reiki attunement, a trout in the stream kept swimming by and making its presence known. It was an awesome and touching experience for me. I love nature and this was like a double sign that I was where I needed to be.

I am currently trying to start a small Reiki practice from my home. I have helped my daughter with headaches she had been having and also helped her friend with some post pregnancy issues. (Ones I did not know about until after the session when I told her what I felt as I was giving her Reiki.) She was amazed and said the next day she felt much better.

Last year, on my youngest daughter's 11th birthday, she became a Reiki I Practitioner. She loves animals and loves Reiki so her father and I gave her a surprise birthday gift and took her to see Cyndy. We are so proud of her love of animals and wanting to help them, as well as, help with relieving some of her sister's pain.

Reiki has been a true blessing. My son recently got married and I performed a beautiful Reiki Blessing Ceremony as part of their wedding ceremony. It was a wonderful time and I believe they will truly be blessed.

Thank you Cyndy !!!"
S.Q., Henrietta, NY

"I started thinking about some of the good experiences I have had with Reiki since becoming an Advanced Reiki Practitioner with Cyndy. I do not practice Reiki as a business but I have used Reiki for friends, family, and since I have MS, for folks that also who have MS that attend MS related functions. One friend had a dark spot on a mammogram, which caused much anxiety. I used Distance Reiki while on the phone with her the day before and while she waited for the test and waiting for results. Her mammogram came back clean! I have used Reiki on MS patients who have had extreme body spasms before and while giving Reiki her muscle spasms were completely quiet. I once sat out in a wooded park near my home and as I sat on a log doing Reiki, I had a bird alight on my hand and also seemed to draw a lot of other forest animals in my general vicinity. In another session with someone who had never experienced Reiki before this person told me afterward that as I lightly placed my hands on her head she felt a peace that made her smile and cry in happiness inside. I also asked for Reiki to come into the life of a homeless person that I met in the Summer of 2008. He had been denied multiple times for both Workers Comp and Social Security Disability. I believe with the help of Reiki that this person finally regained the confidence to try again and finally in August of 2009 received a disability check that allowed him to get off the streets, to rent an apartment, and begin living a better life again. The last story I want to relate is a about a friend of mine who had a brain tumor. She was diagnosed in June 2008 after being found unconscious on the floor of her apartment. I asked other Reiki Practitioners for their help to send Distance Reiki to her. Her brain tumor went across both hemispheres. It was diagnosed as a Stage 4 Gliablastoma. It is now getting to be close to her 2 year mark and the tumor has not returned after surgery and chemo. This is highly unusual with Gliablastomas at Stage 4.
Many wonderful things have occurred when using the healing power of Reiki and I thank Reiki for being in my life."

Dan L., Lima, NY

"My learning experience and the Center for Reiki Wellness was perfectly suited to the intuitive way I like to work. I really enjoyed learning the symbols and practicing distant Reiki. You are so devoted and excited about the practice of Reiki. This was a wonderful transformative experience. It has been strengthening and healing on many levels.

After receiving my Reiki attunements and training, I didn't waste a moment incorporating Reiki into my everyday life. It's as essential to my well-being as food, water and sleep. I began by treating myself daily and started in the following week by giving Reiki to friends and family. I was pleasantly surprised at the overwhelmingly positive response and interest people have expressed toward receiving Reiki. Many of the people I know who've had a passing interest now want to learn more about it, and a few have them have interest in receiving the training themselves.

A few weeks after training, I decided to offer Reiki treatments on a volunteer basis to a local wellness program, and it has been met with great enthusiasm and interest. This too has been a transformative experience for which I am deeply grateful. Each person lying on the table before me has their own unique history, healing needs, energetic vibrations, and I am committed to being an open channel for their healing. It's a humbling experience, and one that has opened me up to deeper levels of love and compassion.

My whole life has begun to change in dramatic ways...the energies have shifted. Wonderful, new experiences and relationships are beginning to flow into my life, and every day this beautiful energy is growing."

T.M.A., North Chili, NY

"I'm very happy I took this Reiki program. It gave me the tools to help heal others. Now I can help people that are in domestic violence situations and also help survivors of domestic violence. Cyndy is very knowledgeable, great personality, patient, and professional."
W.O., Rochester, NY

"I would recommend this course to anyone interested in alternative healing techniques. Anyone can do it - the Universe is supporting you. Cyndy is caring and good at listening. She is a teacher who is exceptionally well organized and adept at this subject matter."
S.J., Pittsford, NY

"I enjoyed my journey on my path to becoming Reiki Master with teacher in mind. Cyndy has the passion and the patience and knowledge of breaking Reiki down into comprehendable steps for learning the building blocks to essentially get us from point A to point Z with grace."
M.S., Spencerport, NY

"Cyndy's patience, passion, and knowledge is nothing short of inspirational".
S.S., Avon, NY

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