What is Reiki Beneficial For?

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Reiki treats your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body through your life force energy and works from the inside out on root cause. Reiki promotes self-healing: letting go of limiting conscious and sub-conscious thoughts and feelings, creates forward movement in your life, improves immunity, and is a holistic approach if you are under the care of a medical provider. 

Note: Reiki is NOT a substitute for medical care.

Examples of what Reiki is beneficial for:

  • stress reduction/perception, stress-related aliments
  • depression, anxiety
  • emotional balancing
  • self-esteem / self-worth
  • mental clarity
  • problems sleeping
  • pain reduction or elimination, releasing tension in the body
  • maintaining general wellness
  • making or handling changes in your life
  • relationships (singles, couples, families)
  • trauma, grief, loss
  • sexual / physical / emotional abuse
  • pre and post surgery (relaxation before surgery, reduce recovery time, and help with pain management)
  • help to reduce side affects of medications or treatments (including individuals with cancer)
  • living with chronic conditions
  • mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual healing 
  • improving immunity
  • individuals in hospice comfort care

Relationships - Couples or Family 

Reiki reduces our perception of stress, promotes healing of emotions we have locked inside ourselves and walls we have put in place, restores self-esteem, and opens compassion for one another. This is beneficial to how we handle relationships, even if only one individual is willing to commit to their self-improvement. This includes couples, parent(s), teens, and blended families. (Note: Reiki sessions are NOT psychotherapy consultation.)

Individuals with Cancer

When you are suddenly faced with a medical diagnosis and experience anxiety and stress, the effectiveness of medical treatments can be inhibited. When you are relaxed, your spirit, mind, and body can work in harmony within itself and medical treatments. Our life force energy flows around our organs and cells in our body to support their vital functions. Reiki helps reduce or eliminate the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

Individuals in Hospice Comfort Care

Reiki can provide relaxation, reduced anxiety, help with pain management, and a sense of peacefulness to help in the person’s transition. Reiki is also beneficial for caregivers during this stressful time and provides a peaceful bonding with the individual in hospice care.


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