Uses of Hypnosis

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Past Life Hypnosis Regression
enables you to explore your subconscious memory of everything you have experienced in this life and all your past lives. It is possible that the person(s) you are involved with in this life have been together in past live(s). Families and friends will incarnate together. 

Regression examples you can explore are:

  • A past life that brings understanding to this life.
  • A past life that you may have been together with a person that is in your current life.
  • A past life that takes you back to the "cause" of a situation, behavior, or illness in your current life.

During a Past Life Regression, individuals are able to tell the year they are in, the geographical location, clothes they are wearing, and what they are doing. Having this regression experience will bring knowledge and awareness for understanding why you are who you are today (talents, passions, behaviors).

In a "Back-to-the-Cause" regression, you will have knowledge and choice to release what you have brought into this life.

Before leaving hypnosis, you will explore your higher self, where you will meet one of your Spirit Guides who loves, guides, and teaches you. Your Spirit Guide will bring guidance on how the past life relates to this life you are now living, this life's purpose, and other questions you may have.

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At the time of your appointment you will receive a CD recording of your hypnosis session.

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